Restore Our Awesome Rainforests (ROAR)

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Restore Our Awesome Rainforests (ROAR)

Restore Our Awesome Rainforests (ROAR)

From 2001 to 2019, there was a reduction of about 8.12 million hectares of tree cover in Malaysia. This is equivalent to a 28% decrease in tree cover since 2000.

Apart from deforestation, the remaining forests face threats from unsustainable logging, illegal removal of forest products and encroachment due to agricultural and urbanisation activities.

With that in mind, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur team, nicked as the ICKL Tigers partners with EcoTourism & Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY) in an effort to create awareness on the importance of protecting our rainforests for the conservation of natural habitats, species and genetic diversity, in conjunction with its campaign, ICKL Tigers ROAR.

This campaign kicked start with the initiation of FOREST ‘R’ US project, dedicated to improving selected trails and educational signages at Bukit Gasing Recreational Forest. ICKL Tigers endeavour to raise as much fund through various programmes at the hotel – for instance, the Negroni Week 2022, which was commemorated for a period of one month. For every sale in these programmes, RM5 goes to the ROAR campaign fund.

Forest ‘R’ Us – Bukit Gasing Recreational Forest

Nestled between Selangor and Kuala Lumpur is Bukit Gasing Forest Park, one of the few “green lungs” of Petaling Jaya that is hugely popular among hiking enthusiasts.

Current state:

  • Heavily used, lacked of proper maintenance
  • Secondary forest, lacked awareness on the needs for conservation
  • Lacked of understanding on its biodiversity, and its potential as educational site for conservation

Forest ‘R’ Us – our aims:

  • Adopt a couple of trails and help better the condition
  • Introduction of signages for educational purposes
  • Creating awareness on the importance of forest conservation for sustainability and human well-being

ROAR Campaign’s Partner - ECOMY

Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Malaysia (ECOMY) is the premier national non-governmental organization that is focused on sustainable ecotourism as the way forward to ensure that conservation values are upheld at all key natural heritage sites in Malaysia.

Founded on 26th January 2015, by leading naturalists in Malaysia, with the following objectives:

  • Conserve Malaysia’s unique habitats, plants and wildlife
  • To actively promote and pursue sustainable tourism as one key element in conservation
  • To support like-minded local communities and initiatives
  • To celebrate Malaysia’s unique wilderness and the unique features it supports

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