Tao Chinese Cuisine

A traditional Chinese cuisine affair among beautiful oriental touches.

Redefined Oriental Roots

a story in every room

Tao houses six private rooms which are decorated to enhance a private dining experience. Named after dynasties in China -Han, Song, Tang, Yuan, Ming, and Qin - each room is intricately decorated to represent the significance of each ancestry.


Han dynasty (206BC - 220AD)

Known as the Golden Age of cosmopolitan culture in Chinese history. The boundaries established by the Qin and maintained by the Han have more or less defined the Chinese Nation to the present day.


Song dynasty (960 - 1279)

Heralding an age of administrative sophistication and complex social organisation, it was the first government in history to issue banknotes or paper money. However, the political differences were also it's downfall.


Tang Dynasty (618 - 907)

Regarded as the greatest age for progress and stability, literature flourished as scholars and poets gained prominence. With its vast army and mercantile network, it dominated lucrative trade routes along the Silk Road.


Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368)

Established by Mongolian Kublai Khan as he conquered the lands to the south, it was the first foreign dynasty to rule China. He promoted trade with the West, and is known to have entertained the Venetian trader Marco Polo at his court.


Ming dynasty (1368 - 1644)

A dynasty of exploration and development, as the emperor declared Beijing as the new capital of China, demoting the traditional Nanjing from its power base. Built the greatest navy in the world under eunuch commander and explorer Zheng He, and developed the forbidden city as the palatial residence of the emperor.


Qin Dynasty (221 BC - 206 AD)

First Imperial Dynasty of China, consolidating the seven warring states into an Unified China. It embarked on a number of ambitious projects in its short existence, the greatest being the northern wall, or better known as the Great Wall of China

Meet the executive Chinese chef

A food connoisseur whose talent amazes the most pickiest palates, award-winning Chef Wong Lian You continuously reinvents cuisine to ensure quality and vivid seasonal flavours in every masterpiece.

Chef Wong Lian You

In January 2012, award-winning Chef Wong Lian You (黄廉佑) joined InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, spearheading the conceptualisation of Tao Chinese Cuisine. A known name in the industry, his notable achievements include leading a team of chefs to victory at the SIAL International cooking competition. Chef Wong is also an active member of several culinary associations and dedicates his time and professional skills in training young aspiring chefs. Additionally, Chef Wong often acquires advisory roles for chefs representing Malaysia in various Chinese Cuisine culinary competitions around the world.

Chef Wong Lian You

Executive Chinese Chef

Special Dining Offers

Mid-Autumn Festival

12th July – 21st September 2021

Fly To The Moon as you indulge in baked-skin and soft snow-skin creations this festival

An Impeccable Oriental Fine Dining Experience

1st March – 31st December 2021

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