EV Charging

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EV Charging

InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, in partnership with chargEV – a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in Malaysia, provide EV charging infrastructure to meet the growing requirement of EV charging facilities for its guests. Available at the hotel’s B1 Parking, the two EV charging stations is part of the hotel’s efforts in prioritising customer experience and satisfaction, serving unparalleled hospitality, while upkeeping with the changing market norms to provide ease and modern comforts for our guests.

Over the years, Malaysia is witnessing a quick transition to electric vehicles, and shortly, the need for this green sustainable alternative would only increase. Foreseeing this evolving need, the EV charger installation aims at ensuring our guests can relax without worrying about the battery life of their EV vehicles, while promoting awareness in the importance of clean energy through this infrastructure.

chargEV is Malaysia’s largest provider of electric vehicle charging, with over 400 charging stations currently operational and plans to grow that figure over the next few years – ultimately positioning Malaysia as a regional EV hub.

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