Eco-Tigers Edu-Hike

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Eco-Tigers Edu-Hike

Eco-Tigers Edu-Hike Combines Biodiversity Conservation Awareness and Teambuilding

A half-day programme facilitated by Mr Andrew Sebastian – the Founder of ECOMY, taking place at the Bukit Gasing Recreational Forest. This educational programme is an extension of the ROAR campaign with the aim to educate the ICKL Tigers on the importance of forest conservation and protected areas such as Bukit Gasing Recreational Forest for thriving ecosystems. Protected areas are crucial for the conservation of natural habitats, species and genetic diversity. In Malaysia, there is much scope for the establishment of more protected areas and the improvement of existing ones. Historically, protected areas have often been referred to as the cornerstone of biodiversity.

The Eco-Tigers Edu-Hike is a programme that consists of a healthy hiking activity to the top of Bukit Gasing while learning about the forest’s amazing flora and fauna, in which some are approaching extinction. The journey up the hill is done in groups, which fosters teamwork within all participating members. At the end of programme, members will present and share their findings in a fun-interactive workshop. This activity is conducted on a bi-monthly basis, targeting ICKL Tigers across all ranks, with the first batch being the Department Heads, activated in conjunction with the IHG Giving For Good month in September 2022.

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