Tatsu Japanese Cuisine

Savour sophistication in traditional Japanese cuisine.

freshly flown ingredients

Every Room has A Story

Named after the Japanese flowers of Autumn, each of our private dining rooms are decorated in the delicateness of Japanese aethetics.


The Fuji flower, also known as Wisteria, blooms during late April to early May. Named after the beautiful flower, the room seats up to 10 people and is decorated in contrasting shades for an elegant touch.

Room Table Setting

Tatsu Japanese Cuisine Room Fuji


Named after Hagi, also known as the Bush Clover flower, the room is designed with in contemporary shades for a sophisticated touch and seats up to 10 people.


Also known as the Chrysanthemum flower, the Kiku room represents Japanese dining in modish styles and seats up to 10 people.


Tsubaki, also known as Camellias, were first cultivated in Japan as well as China. Named after these evergreen shrubs, the room is finished in refined decor and can seat up to 18 people.

Meet the head chef

From humble beginnings to landing the title of Head Chef at Tatsu Japanese Cuisine, Chef Tommy Kuan Soon Seng is an exemplary chef with more than two decades of culinary experience.

Chef Tommy Kuan Soon Seng

Chef Tommy Kuan Soon Seng has a combined culinary experience spanning over two decades since his first step in the culinary world as an apprenticeship with a Chinese Restaurant. Inspired by his brother, Chef Tommy fell in love with cuisine and joined several Japanese restaurant including Nadaman Japanese Restaurant, Iketeru Japanese Restaurant and Benkay Japanese Restaurant. He was later appointed as the Head Chef of Tatsu Japanese Cuisine at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur in 2015. Known as a master in the art of Japanese cuisine, Chef Tommy has devoted himself to mastering his knife skills and preparation methods of various fish species, while invoking skills to infuse bold and subtle flavours into various seasonal catches.

Special Dining Offers

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