6 Unique Souvenirs to Bring Home from Your Kuala Lumpur Trip

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6 Unique Souvenirs to Bring Home from Your Kuala Lumpur Trip

Kuala Lumpur is a shopper’s paradise – whether you’re shopping for yourself or your loved ones, stash a portion of your luggage with souvenirs to mark your time here. From panoramic jewellery to fabrics that signify Malaysia’s decades-old rich culture, art and craftwork, it will be impossible to go home empty-handed.

Thus, we’ve complied a souvenir shopping list for your reference to ensure you’re only bringing the best of Malaysian goodies back home!


Pewter goods, which are intricately hand-crafted items made from a mix of metals, showcase irrefutable Malaysian craftsmanship. Royal Selangor is Malaysia’s largest pewter manufacturer which feature various designed pewter goods – from tableware, kitchenware, wine glasses to beautiful jewellery embedded with fine details, it makes the perfect token to show your loved ones back home.

Nevertheless, if you are planning on gifting souvenirs away, Royal Selangor also offers personalised items as well! Although the price range of pewter goods may be on the higher end of your budget, but they are known for their long-lasting quality due to their well-polished finish. So, head over to the nearest Royal Selangor which is only a mere 1km away from InterContinental Kuala Lumpur.

For more information visit Royal Selangor.


Known as the textile art of Malaysia, the history of batik dates back to the 1930s. While the beginnings of this ancient practice are difficult to trace, its presence in the current market has thrived - it is believed that batik is the fusion between Indonesian and Malaysian art and craftsmanship, which evolved during trade relations between the two countries.

Most of the textile units are manufactured in East Malaysia and feature mesmerising floral designs in vibrant colours. Some patterns are also represented in geometrical outlines, which are simple and large shapes that rely on the brush painting method, but you may come across spiral-shaped

designs as well. Hand-painted fabrics are priced on the higher side, while block-painted batiks are generally more affordable.

You’ll find batik patterns on shirts, dresses, scarves and even, home décor. A true symbol of Malaysian culture, batik is a valuable memento that is also light enough to fit into your luggage.


Kerongsang, traditionally designed brooches, are commonly used to pin the lapels of the Kebaya - one of the country’s traditional attires for women. Nowadays, these brooches range in a variety of designs that enhance its traditional stance. Kerongsangs are typically crafted with shining rhinestones, pearls, diamonds and crystals in different designs ranging from floral outlines to butterfly and heart-shaped designs.

These dainty brooches are commonly sold in a set of three and are able to fit into your carry-on luggage due to its small cut.


This luxurious silk fabric is woven on a frame loom, whereby intricate designs are intertwined with golden and silver threads. The Malaysian songket fabrics, which are fashioned by the skilled country folks, are vibrant depictions of the countryside flora and fauna.

The craftsmanship has been diligently passed on by the previous generations and have since become a common trend in urban Malaysian weddings where the groom gifts their brides with beautiful songkets. These songkets are also stitched into table cloths, handbags, wall hangings and more.


Malaysia is known for hand-crafted pieces that range from handbags, table mats, hats and even footwear created with unique materials such as pandan leaves, coconut shells, rattan and bamboo.

Have your pick of pocket-friendly souvenirs available in numerous colours, shapes and designs.


There are generally five type of wau kites - Wau Bulan, Wau Jala Budi, Wau Kuching, Wau Barak and Wau Merak - that represent different shapes inspired by significant leaves, the moon and even, a peacock.

These traditional Malaysian kites were influenced by Malay wood carvings that are traced onto paper or tissue before being carved out and look amazingly unique when they flutter in the sky. Colourful and elaborated, they make the

perfect unique gift for both the young and old.


With more than 350 stalls, Central Market is the perfect place to do your souvenir shopping! You’ll find hand-crafted items, batik, Malaysian songket, kerongsang and wau kites at Central Market, which is located about 3.5km away.

For more information you can check out the Central Market website. Alternatively, our friendly concierge will be delighted to assist you should you need any further directions or mode of transportation to get there!

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