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Tatsu Japanese Cuisine


Tatsu Japanese Cuisine

Tatsu Japanese Cuisine, located at level 1 of InterContinental Kuala Lumpur is a premier, upscale Japanese restaurant. Deriving its name from the word “Tatsu-jin” meaning master or expert, Tatsu brings a sophisticated twist to the traditional dining experience as it combines a subtle blend of Japanese aesthetics with contemporary yet minimalist design.

The emphasis on dark timber woods with sea cobalt blue and white color streams creates a calming yet harmonious dining environment that not only evokes the senses but pleases the palate. The walls of sake bottles and sake cups complete the Japanese ambience to Tatsu. The theme is further enhanced with the use of contemporary wooden chairs and tables.

Every room has a story


Every room has a story

With a seating capacity of 147 seats, the restaurant offers five choices of dining seating styles from the sushi bar, a teppanyaki room, private dining rooms, public dining area to a cozy lounge dining area. For sake and wine connoisseurs, the restaurant features a private sake bar surrounded floor to ceiling glass windows that offers a breathtaking view of the beautifully landscaped garden and cascading waterfall. The bar serves more than 20 types of Sake, Shochu and Wines whilst Tatsu’s Sushi Bar displays an abundance of the freshest seafood flown in twice a week from Japan.

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