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KL Food Trails: Eat, eat and eat
KL Food Trails: Eat, eat and eat


KL Food Trails: Eat, eat and eat

Kuala Lumpur is not only a city rich in architect-ed skyscrapers, historical buildings, religious places, and beautiful parks; it also offers a host of exotic dining options. A search for eat drink kl would give you some of the best options for eating in Kuala Lumpur. Amongst the eat drink kl food options are the local gastronomic delights such as Nasi Kandar, Teh Tarik, Banana Leaf Rice and Char Kuey Teow.

Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is a favorite North Malaysian delight of plain or mildly-flavored steamed rice that comes with vegetables and a variety of curry-based meat options.

The name originated when nasi (rice) vendors who originated from South India (Tamil Nadu) would serve rice along with curry from wooden buckets that were balanced on either side of a long mangrove pole (kandar in Malaysian). The dish is a popular Penang staple and the various meat options that accompany the rice are amongst fried chicken, cubed beef, curried beef spleen, fish roe, lamb, fried squid, or fried prawns.

The vegetables usually consist of brinjal, ladies fingers, and bitter gourd. The rice is flavored with a mixture of curry sauces. There are various restaurants offering this popular food if you are looking for Nasi Kandar as an eat drink kl option in the city.

Teh Tarik

The Teh Tarik is the popular pulled tea, a hot beverage that is served in restaurants, kopitiams and outdoor stalls in Malaysia. The drink is considered as the national drink of Malaysia. The word “teh” in Malaysian stands for tea whereas “tarik” refers to the long pouring process by which black tea is mixed with the condensed milk and the mixture generates an attractive frothy layer along with a rich flavor at the end of the alternate pouring process between two vessels.

Banana Leaf Rice

The Banana Leaf Rice that is a traditional South Indian dish can be found in various eat drink KL eateries in the city. Since South Indians migrated in a significant number to Malaysia, the Banana Leaf Rice has become a popular eat drink KL option and is available in a number of restaurants across Kuala Lumpur. The meal includes white rice served on a banana leaf with vegetarian gravy (sambar), an assortment of vegetables, papadam, pickles and a variety of regional condiments that are usually salty, sour and spicy.

Char Kway Teow

The Char Kway Teow is a popular noodle dish available at eat drink kl eateries. It is prepared using flat rice noodles, which is stir-fried with Chinese sausage, shrimps, eggs, bloody cockles, chopped Chinese chives and bean sprouts in soy sauce. This delicacy is served flavored with some of the ingredients adding a distinct an attractive aroma to it. There are different versions of these noodles, but the most popular is the Penang Char Kway Teow.

Jalan Alor

The different culinary delights in Kuala Lumpur are just not available in posh over priced restaurants, but available in the rows of vendor stalls right along the sidewalks and Jalon Alor Food Street is a prominent eat drink kl destination catering to such food.

Jalon Alor is lined on both sides by stalls and frequented just not by Malaysians, but by a large number of foreigners, who land up here to taste the various gastronomic delights available at this eat drink kl street. The Jalan Alor is in the city center area within the Bukit Bintang area, and therefore easily accessible by metro, if you stay away from the city center.

Else, you can easily walk down to this place. The street offers a wide variety of food and you would require multiple trips to this area to savor the multifarious options that the eat drink kl street has to offer.

Old China Cafe

If you like to search for an eat drink kl restaurant that offers a smattering of the old world charm, the Old China Café in China Town would be your place to go. Previously, it was used as the guild hall of Selangor and Federal Territory Laundry Association. As you enter the restaurant, an old gramophone greets you with a Chinese Opera in the background – a time warp to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Two huge mirrors on opposing walls that are believed to bring good luck for diners, wood paneling, antique light fixtures, heavy set furniture, family photographs, calligraphy scrolls, delicate porcelain tiles add to the mystic aura of the old world here. The restaurant serves delicious Peranakan dishes, which arevslightly off beat from China Town eateries. Peranakans were born because of the interracial marriages between local Malay Muslim ladies with Singaporean Chinese during the 15th and 16th centuries. The race today is dwindling because of religious laws that prohibit inter religious marriages for Muslim Malays.

Spicy dishes are available in abundance at the Old China Café and as a starter, try the Nyona pai tee. Beef Rendang and Fish Head Curry are two popular eat drink kl options here. Desserts such as bubur cha-cha and sago gula Melaka are great to eat.

Old Malaya

Among the colonial buildings from the Pre-World War II era, the Old Malaya is a must to visit as an eat drink kl option. It stands on the narrow roads of Raja Chulan, and it is admirable as to how a cluster of crumbling shop-houses has been converted into contemporary restaurants and bars, such as the Pampas ( the steakhouse), Kapitan Bar ( the wine and cocktail joint), and 1919 Bar ( the bar named after the year of construction of the building).